Sunday, November 30, 2008

Exchange 2007 OWA redirect configuration using URL Rewrite

This is a quick write up on how to configure your Windows 2008 x64 IIS server on how to rewrite URL's so users can easily get to their HTTPS based OWA without entering the entire URL including https://...

  • First, download and install URL rewrite for x64 here, This will require a reboot.
  • Second, by default "force SSL is ENABLED on an Exchange server. Open the SSL settings on your default site and disable the HTTPS requirement, as this rule will force it.
  • Go into IIS manager and open URL rewrite:

  • Create a new Blank rule

  • You will be recreating these two rules:

  • Force HTTPS Rule and Conditions:

  • Redirect Root Rule Action:

  • Now, http://machine/ and http://machine/owa and https://machine/ all redirect to https://machine/owa making the end user a happy camper who can't goof up the URL!


Fritz McLaren said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, it seems your images are off in this post, you dont show the conditions or patterns you match for the /OWA redirect.

I am terrible at regular expressions and was looking for the details on that rule.

Carlos Arroba said...

When I test https://machine, the redirect don´t go to https://machine/owa

Chris said...

Sorry about this - the "Redirect Root" rule was not screen capped fully. The "rule" was still above in the list of rules, but it was easy to miss this. I updated the screenshot (image007.png)


Tim said...

Well, i tried this little gem and cannot seem to make it work. i followed your instructions down to the letter and somehow i am not redireting. Any further instructions that maybe i missed?


Chris said...

Tim - make SURE your rules list matches the screen shot: