Sunday, February 15, 2009

OCS 2007 R2 Group Chat Installation - Part 2, Administrative Tools Installation

Earlier, in Part One, we installed Group Chat Server and now it is time to install the administrative tools. I have already done this a few times and ran into some oddities, that hopefully I can help you not run into!

In this instance, I am installing the tools on my OCS Standard pool server (which is also my group chat server) We can begin by running the 'AdminSetup' installer.

The installer will warn you if you do not already have MS Visual C++ redistributable installed. If you run their installer of this, do note, you will be cleaning up the root of your C drive.

Icky. Easy enough to clean up though. Once this is installed, its easy to click through all the defaults and complete the Admin tool console install.

Once installed, we can launch the Admin tools console. The "proper" name doesn't fit in the start menu, really.

So I attempt to logon:

I see "Connected to OCS server" and then I get this:

"Cannot sign in because of a problem with the chat room service. If the problem persists, please contact your system administrator"

Time to not trust Automatic Configuration. I will come back to this in the client deployment some more, but for the admin console, a manual configuration is OK.

Choosing Edit Accounts here, I made a new Account and used the below settings:

I then chose the account and signed in without error. In the screen above, the Host is my OCS std pool, the is my AD FQDN and note the capitalization on Administrator to match my SIP URI.

Now that I am in the tool - lets create a test channel and set it up.

File>New>Chat Room brings up this dialog:
This gave an error. Channel names cannot have spaces. I removed this moving forward.

Once the room is created you need to add members to the channel. Since this is a lab domain, I decided to add my members to the Root of the server. In a production environment, I would likely be much more careful about security.

Now, Part 3 will come soon, and discuss the client installation, but I will give a brief preview here as the client is obviously needed to test this.

Here, you can see presence integration.

That's all for now. Check back soon for the client deployment, which I hope to include GPO settings to configure the client as well.


Anonymous said...

I have the same issue that I cant login to the Admin tool even with manual configuration....I can login using the group chat client without any issues

Chris said...

If you want, email me with more detail (your internal FQDN, and a screen shot of your config screen as it is now) and I can try to help.

Alex Lewis said...

Chris, you said you installed the group chat server on your OCS standard server. While this is colocation is unsupported did you run into any strange issues?

Chris said...

Great comment. Yes, it is NOT recommended... and I know why. OCS group chat requires SSL for file upload/sharing. This feature seems to be broken and I have yet to be able to work around this.

Alex Lewis said...

I ran into a similiar issue at
Thanks for the reply!

Ignite training where they installed the CA on DC also running Exchange and CRLs weren't accessible since they made the whole virtual web SSL-only.

Maybe a dumb question but does group chat use its own site or does it share the default site with the OCS web components (and possibly CWA)?

Sabbe said...

I have a funny thing, when I try to sign in with my user and credential (I am a super user in groupchat), I receive a invitation from myself to talk on the Communicator .. But I don't have access the admin tool itself ..
With other parameters, I have the issue "Cannot sign in because of a problem with the chat room service "

Aanchal said...

hii,when i try to login in group chat admin tool with automatic config,i get an error saying "Cannot establish a Network connection.Make sure you are connected to network and tr again." if i try using manual,it says "Cannot sign-in because of invalid certificate." but according to me certificate is correct. what can be the problem?

Aanchal said...

I uninstalled group chat server and reinstalled it.Now wen i tried login in admin tool using manual config,it says "problem with the room chat service" please advise.

Anbu C R said...

We had the same issue . Changed to manual Configuration . Worked like a Charm

Anonymous said...

Hi I am getting error "cannot sign in due to a problem with the chat room service" I have tried the manual setting but no luck, could you please help

Matthew said...

I am having the same problem with logging into the admin tool. Cannot login with manual configuration and I get an invitation from myself to join a conversation. Any ideas?

Ian Galang said...

Everything works fine.. except that we are on a hosted environment and the admin tool cannot add users within our hosted OU on AD. Weird that it only sees the users from the Users container of the main all other ou's are invisible to it.. is there any tools i can run for it to discover the other users on sub-ou's?