Wednesday, August 12, 2009

OWA 2010 and Mail Tips

One of the most impactful Exchange 2010 Client Access features are Mail tips. There's a lot more info and examples of what they can do at the MS Exchange Team blog here:

You configure Mail Tips via Powershell. These are organization level changes. You can view them using Get-OrganizationConfig and configure settings using Set-OrganizationConfig.

Unfortunately, the Exchange 2010 documentation does not at this time have documentation for each of these fields, but this is the link in case this posting dates it self.


Default: False

This enables Mail Tips for reply/all including an outside the organization user


Default: 25
This is the limit at which the "large audience" mail tip is displayed. Larger organizations will likely want to bump this number North.


Default: True
This is what controls if an auto-response or out of office appears as a mail tip.


Default: True

This is the service that does group metric counts for groups and nested groups


Default: True
This is the main setting to enable/disable mail tips entirely.

Additional things to know

  • MailTips only work on Outlook 2010 (not yet released) and OWA 2010.
  • Unfortunately, custom logic mail tips are not available in the upcoming Exchange 2010 release. The above options are the extent of MailTip customization

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