Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Seven Office 365 Video success tips - you won't believe number five!

I have recently begun using Office 365 video more for internal and customer shared videos.  It's been fairly successful and I wanted to give out a few lessons learned for those also working on Office 365 video adoption.
  1. You can not choose your title image - because of this, you NEED to make sure that frame 1 of any video has the title screen you want.  If that's a video of you, or an title page of a PPT so be it. Depending on how you record your video (Office Mix versus a Lync/Skype for Business Recording) you may not be able to set frame 1 without video editing tools.  If you use Lync/S4B - I recommend sharing a title screen/image prior to hitting record to ensure frame 1 has content shared.
  2. Office mix audio levels - I have already submitted this feedback to the Office Mix team.  (if you are not familiar)  When you record from a slide recording, you are able to select your audio recording device of choice.  When you record a screen recording, you are not able to, and default device is used.  If you have multiple headsets/devices for audio this might be an issue.
  3. Upload and processing times - they are not the quickest in terms of other video hosting services for upload nor processing time.  Expect time there.
  4. Sharing - Recently, sharing embed code for Office 365 videos was announced, and this works quite well in SharePoint - but the user watching the video needs to be signed into YOUR Office 365 tenant for the video to load currently. Choosing Insert->Video and Audio->Embed and paste the embed code proved by Office 365 video there. There is no "anonymous" sharing at this time.  If you are playing with Mix, there is an anonymous or private link sharing for the Mix upload service, I think that is where this traffic should be driven at this time.  Also, the other sharing options are Yammer, which works as expected, and Email, which at this time is a "mailto:" hyperlink which is a pretty weak implementation at this point.
  5. SharePoint Taxonomy - At this point there is no taxonomy integration.  You are not able to tag videos for easy search.
  6. Descriptions - Within the description section, there is no real formatting control.  It doesn't seem to take HTML, RTF or properly formatted text for a CR/LF no matter what.  Nor links or other relevant data.
  7. Versioning - If you want to overwrite/update a video, be SURE to name it the same filename as the current video's title and upload.  Office 365 video should see this and ask if you want to replace or create new.  If you choose replace, the video links and/or embed code you have previously utilized should continue to work (similar to uploading a new Office document to a SharePoint library)

I will add/update additional information as I learn more or as the service changes.  Thanks for reading!

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