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Install-PowerShellOptions.ps1 - Script to deploy and connect to on premises and cloud Microsoft services

I developed the Install-PowerShellOptions.ps1 script for one reason.  I am constantly looking for the right shell download, or connection string, and after years of having my handy EXOConnect.ps1, I wanted one that also pre-loaded the modules for me.

The menu is now interactive, and build the Install or Connect options based on what software is already installed on your PC.  When you choose an Install Step the script will download and launch the installers required for your OS.  Some require Elevated access (they should prompt you)  The connect steps allow you to connect the module/session for the requested PowerShell service.  Once the module loads (or fails to load, check for errors) you are returned the menu, at which time you can load an additional module, or hit 99 to exit and begin using the modules you have loaded. 

Please report any bugs or feature requests via comments on this page or on the Q&A on the Download link. If you are upgrading from older versions of versions, I recommend manually uninstalling the old bits, then running this script to download and deploy the latest code.

Install-PowerShellOptions.ps1 - Version 1.6

Alternate Download and older versions

Supported OS:
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 2012/2012 R2
  • Installs software required to connect to Cloud PowerShell services
  • Connects to On premises Exchange and Lync/S4B services with minimal prompting
  • Connects to Office 365's Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Azure AD and Lync/S4B Online PowerShell services with minimal prompting
  • Minimal logging of options run
Version History:
  • 1.0 - Original Version  :)
  • 1.1 - Fixed Lync Online Connector import-module
  • 1.2 - Added Azure IaaS PowerShell support, made menu more interactive, checking installs and recommending install or connect (coded in upgrade, but logic not in place yet), Ability to set cloud and on premises credentials per session 
  • 1.3 - Updated SPO URLs,  Set ignoreCA/CRL on Lync/Exchange on premises to skip SSL warnings, added S4B language, fixed AAD prereq menu bug
  • 1.4 - fixed the recall credentials for Office 365, updated SPO online version for download
  • 1.5 - Updated S4B Powershell and SPO powershell 
  • 1.6 - Updated Sign in Assistant, Azure AD version, S4B Online and SPO downloads/versions.  Deprecated Azure PowerShell - it changed too often to keep up with, and I am seeing Azure CLI taking a stronger role there.
  • Show Options in colors based on which modules are loaded versus not
  • Ability to save tenantID/Lync/S4B/Exchange Server hostnames
Known Issues:
  • If you have Lync 2010/2013/S4B admin tools installed locally, they WILL conflict with the LYO module.  See my blog post here on common issues with LYO.
  • The install options do not UPGRADE. If you need an update, uninstall the older versions first.
  • On Windows 8.0, after an install step there are several things that require PowerShell to be restarted before you can run the connect steps.
  • The RSAT-ADDS tools require you to run the script as admin

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