Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Exchange On Premises Script - Build-EXOReceiveConnectorRemoteRange.ps1 - Configure Exchange Online Transport connectors to only allow connections from EXO

If you are a Hybrid organization with Exchange ON Premises and Exchange Online, and you chose to implement centralized Transport to ensure all Internet SMTP traffic went through your on premises, one of the steps has been to update your Hybrid receive connectors to only allow connections from Exchange Online servers and IP addresses as listed here.

After multiple times polling this list and writing a macro in a text editor or in Microsoft Excel, I decided to write a PowerShell script to provide this code by downloading the content live from the above site and parsing it into a PowerShell friendly format for use with set-ReceiveConnector

Build-EXOReceiveConnectorRemoteRange.ps1 - Version 1.0

Does NOT make changes, just converts their web site into the powershell code you would need.  Exchange Management Shell (EMS) is not required!

If this saved you 5 minutes of time, please tweet/share/comment and let me know!

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