Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Manipulating LogParser Data in Excel to prepare for Office 365

In a post I made back about a year ago, I posted about how to collect RPC logs to determine Outlook versions your organization is using.

It's been a pretty popular article, but I kind of didn't document the Excel part so I am circling back today to strengthen this aspect of the How-to.

So, starting with the CSV in that article:

  1. Open the CSV in Excel
  2. Hit Ctrl-A and select "format as a table" - you can choose to design if you want  :)
  3. Then, on the table design tab, select "Summarize with Pivot Table"
  4. Then, design your pivot table.  In this example, I will drag "Version" to both the rows and the values fields as shown to the right
  5.  Once you have the pivot table, you can color code based on O365 compatibility (Office 2010 support ends in October 2015!)
  6.  Now, you can review versions and choose if you want to drill into them by user and IP address!


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