Monday, February 15, 2010

Exchange 2010 Backup Product Support Matrix

Well, the #1 recent article here is my Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 Backup how to. The reason, of course, is that Exchange 2010 has been out since November 2009 and select few have yet announced or released Exchange 2010 support, and many companies are still trying to find how to backup Exchange 2010 in their production environment.

While I have not used many of these yet, I am hoping to try to demonstrate them all and update this post as new information comes. However, if you have made a significant investment in any of the below (or others, email me!) and are waiting for support, the best thing you can do is ask your vendor. The more input received, the more important you are making it for them!

Here is a chart of my findings thus far:

VendorProductExchange 2010 SupportExchange 2010 SP1 SupportDAG support
CommvaultCommvaultNon-DAG in 8.0, DAG in 9.0UnknownYes in 9.0
SymantecNetBackupYes in 7.0UnknownYes in 7.0
SymantecBackup Exec 2010Yes, in Backup Exec 2010, must run x64 on BE ServerYes, in Backup Exec 2010 R2Yes in Backup Exec 2010
i365eVaultExpected by EOYExpected by EOYUnknown
MicrosoftDPM 2010YesYesYes
MicrosoftWindows Server BackupYesUnknownYes

By the way, if you know of ANY updates, feel free to comment, or email me directly at If I said Unknown above it's more likely that your web site didn't make this information readily accessible. If I receive emails from the appropriate domain names, I will post it as official, more so if you can provide a link!


Darren said...


Running a large commvault deployment... i'll try to ping them tomorrow and get a status of 2010 support for you.


Unknown said...

Acronis intends to support Exchange 2010 as well. No word on when it will be released. Thanks for the information.

VitalHostage said...

There's rumour of ArcServe having something ready for May with the R14 release of ArcServe, but its unconfirmed.

carrie said...

Per EMC, Exchange 2010 support will be provided within Networker's NMM 2.3. The release of NMM 2.3 is "currently scheduled for the end of Q4 2010. Engineering is also looking at providing the interim solution using Core NetWorker."

Unknown said...

Symantec Backupexec must be installed with 64 bit version in order to work.

Joseph King said...

EMC Networker now "supports" Exchange 2010

Unknown said...

CA Arcserve is supported for Exchange 2010 but not SP1.

Can your table start to include SP1 support aswell?

Chris Lehr said...

Post updated 9/28/2010

SP1 content added. Post anything else you learn/know and I will update again - sorry for the lack of updates, all this Exchange 2010 work is keeping us BUSY!

J Leeds said...

It looks like Avamar 5 SP2 supports 2010 SP1: