Monday, February 28, 2011

Redirecting Exchange 2010 OWA from http to https

In Exchange 2007, http can be redirected to https using the URL Redirect method

In Exchange 2010 this doesn't work in most situations because port 80 is required to be open on the localhost address in order for the Exchange Management Console to work properly. In fact if you try to use the URL Redirect method, both Exchange PowerShell and the EMC will start throwing an initialization error. So the solution is to use custom error pages to redirect requests.

Brien M. Posey's article gives a really good explanation of how to create the custom error page for error 403.4 to perform the redirection from port 80 to port 443.

Having port 80 open to the internet is still not very good or secure for Exchange servers and I would encourage moving away from that practice. But if you have an absolute requirement for OWA to be accessible via an http URL, this is a quick and easy way to redirect traffic.

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The second thing I would like to know more about is if it´s possible and whats the easiest way to get _all_ exchange logs to a remote syslogserver.

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