Monday, February 15, 2010

Uninstalling Exchange 2003 - 8240 error - 0x80072030

Ran into this one today, and hadn't encountered it in quite some time.

This error is due to the fact that someone had listed their own user as the postmaster account in Exchange 2003, and that person had since left the organization and had their account deleted.

So the error above is shown:
Setup encountered an error while checking prerequisites For the component "Microsoft Exchange":
0X80072030 (8240): There is no such object on the server.

This is easily fixed in ADSIEdt.msc - first, let's find out the user.

I've clipped the name to protect the guilty :)

As you can see, the deleted Objects distinguishedName here shows the user selected as the msExchAdminMailbox has been deleted.

In ADSIEdit, browse to CN=Configuration, DC=DOMAINNAME,DC=Com\CN=Services\CN=Microsoft
Exchange\CN=EXCHANGEORGNAME\CN=Global Settings\CN=Message Delivery. Go to the properties of Message Delivery, and scroll down to the msExchAdminMailbox.

Now, we need to fix the error. Pick who you want to be the new admin (I picked Administrator) and put their DN in this field. In my case, this is CN=Administrator,CN=Users,DC=Domain,DC=com. If you aren't sure of your DN, browse to your user in ADSIEDIT and you can directly copy/paste the DistinguishedName from your user object into this field.

Once done, no service restarts needed, as the uninstaller is just checking these fields.. You can now select Remove for Exchange 2003!


Stefan said...

Thank you for posting this. Extremely helpful...

Jessie said...

This was extremely helpful!! VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! One question... I got much farther and it's starting to let me uninstall but it believes that there is still a user on the server, but when I search ADUC no one shows up as having a box on the server in question??

Any advice for this?

Chris Lehr said...


There have been times where I searched ADUC for "users with Exchange Home Server ending in NETBIOS name" and had no luck. Try instead searching for users with a mailbox, adding the column for "exchange home server" and sorting by that to find the offending remaining users.


A-CAST said...

I followed the steps but I'm still getting the same error message, any other ideas of what it could be?

Chris Lehr said...

A-CAST - I am sure there could be other causes for this. Look for anywhere that a user/mailbox/folder may have been specified that no longer exists.

A-CAST said...

The thing that's unique about my situation is that back when Exchange 2003 was installed I wasn't working here and I just found out that according to AD via ADSIedit, I see that the postmaster account was the default Administrator account.

This account in AD shows that it's mailbox is located on Exchange 2010 (I'm finishing up the migration and just need to remove 2003) but when I go into Exchange 2010 via EMC the account doesn't show in the Mailbox view.

I also found that at one point a distribution group was created for "postmaster" so that messages would go to multiple people in IT. I deleted this distribution group and manually assigned the smtp address of to the existing Administrator account and I still get the error.

So, I decided to follow the MS KB and your post to assign it a new postmaster account, by choosing another user already on Exchange 2010. I removed the postmaster smtp address from Administrator and assigned it to another account and changed that account in ADSIedit, but still no go...same error.

A-CAST said...

Just in case this helps anyone, I ended up having to manually remove the Exchange 2003 using MS KB, but at least it was successful...Exchange 2003 to 2010 migration is complete! :)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this post!! Helped me for sure!